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Solo motif batik
Pekalongan motif batik
Madura motif batik
Indonesian batik techniques, culture, and motif batik , has been recognized and defined by UNESCO as cultural heritage of humanity and oral nonbendawi (masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity) since October 2, 2009. Batik is one Indosesia heritage, especially Java. Batik was introduced to the world stage by former President Soeharto at the UN conference.
Bali motif batik

Here are various motif batik in Indonesia by region of origin of manufacture.
Motif Batik Bali

Bali motif batik  is relatively recent development in Indonesian batik world. However, the development of Bali motif batik  is very rapid. This is evidenced by the many motifs and designs of Bali batik motifs. The price offered from this Bali batik motif varies, ranging from cheap to exorbitant prices.
In Bali, the development of batik began in the era of the '70s. Bali motif batik  characterized by relying displays Bali. In addition, Bali batik motif there is a blend of Bali style with outside Bali, such as the Bali-Pekalongan, Bali, Papua, and others.
Banyumas motif batik
Batik Motif Banyumas
In the development of the world batik, batik motif Banyumas has its own characteristics. Characteristic that is typical of many rural batik motifs inspired by plants and animals according to its surroundings. Hence, any coloring using the colors of the majority of parents (dark) with a straightforward and clear images.
Motifs of batik Banyumas, among others Lumbon, Pringsedaru, Kawung, Limaran, Tirta Tejo, Uger, Sidomukti, and Bondowono. Besides menawarnakan motives vary, batik Banyumas also have quality, no less with batik from other regions.

Motif Batik Madura
Madura batik motif has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness of the display tone that smells tacky and is dominated by a striking color, like red and black. However, that is what distinguishes Madurese batik with batik motifs another. Madura batik enthusiasts even go up with rising market Madurese batik.

Batik motifs Pekalongan
Pekalongan batik motif is produced by the community Pekalongan. Pekalongan batik motif has been there since the days of the kingdom of Mataram. Pekalongan batik motifs are influenced by society Pekalongan encounter with various nations, like India and Arabia.
Motifs include batik-inspired Jlamprang from India and Arab countries, batik and Klenengan Encim influenced by the Chinese, batik Morning Afternoon influenced by the Dutch, and batik Hokokai growing since the Japanese occupation in Indonesia.

Motif Batik Solo
Solo motif batik is very famous in the world of batik Indonesia and the world. Batik was an icon of the city of Solo. Solo batik motif is famous for its style and traditional patterns of both the cap and through the process of batik he wrote. The materials used ubtuk Solo batik motifs are still using domestic materials, such as Java Soga already famous long ago. Solo the famous batik motifs, among others Sidomukti and Sidoluhur.

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